"If it's the English pasty (pronounced past-ee) you desire, there's truly only one place that'll tickle your fancy."
~ WCCO - Friday Food Truck Feature

"This is such a great food cart and a welcome addition to the Twin Cities food scene! I could not believe that this venue of cuisine had not been tapped into and it is so yummy!"
~ City Pages

"If you're a street food fanatic and you haven't tried Potter's, you need to. This is a genuine, skilled, and homegrown campaign for real gravy, taken to the streets."
~ Dara of Mpls. St.Paul Magazine

"One delicious version called 'the Pig' is stuffed with so much shredded pork and sweet apple that it could fuel a full day of hard labor or hiking."
~ Voice Places

"Cutting into it, the crust had a wonderful flaky yet substantial texture, steam came rolling out of the filling pocket, and both the crust and filling smelled wonderful. Both the crust and filling where exceptional. The potatoes were so flavorful and everything was the perfect texture and consistency. "
~ Pretty Pies by Lindsey
Special Pasty Beef Chili Onions, navy beans, tomatoes, chilies, sour cream $12